Retiring of Scum…Return of the Scum

So, I have finally finished with Boba/Dengar, I am expecting Boba to go up in points either directly or with slave 1 becoming initiative costed. Meaning the points cost makes it a bit more prohibitive.

But in all that I’ve had something on hand ready to take up the slack.

I did initially go back to republic, but found it has issues with certain builds so I’ve thrown that away, and come back to…scum. Its like watching a network lose a link re converge to somewhere else and then finding out it doesn’t work that well and re-converge again back to the original link as it came good again.

Now, I have sat on this one for quite some time, and did try it a few times, however, it never really worked, as the points were a little too high. But now the stars have aligned.

Working from the perspective of running triple 6’s I have 3 pilots:
Han Solo
Fenn Rau

Lets start talking about Fenn as he is the easiest to talk about. He has Fearless stapled to him, and he’s done. He’s good but fragile. He doesn’t like range 2 or 3 or cold dice, something I need to be ready for. Fearless helps us push damage through. Allowing him to also be a sledgehammer.

Dengar has a couple of things on him:
Crack shot
Punishing One
Contraband Cybernetics

This combo seems to be the most effective, and most straight forward. It also it offers the most flexibility. It is also synergistic with Han’s build. If an opponent is stressed I get to push a crit through thanks to BT-1.

Trick Shot
Lando’s Falcon

Lets break down this, as its important to how Han operates and synergizes with Dengar particularly.

The main combo here is being able to roll 4 dice attacks regularly, while obstructed. But it gets better, if the opponents ship is stressed it makes it 5 dice. Now if the obstruction is locked due to Qi’ra, the opponent doesn’t get the obstructed dice bonus either, meaning you could hit as hard as Fenn Rau. And to add insult to injury, if you trigger 4lom, you could prevent the opponent from spending focus or evade tokens.

So, with that we have a 199 points. So far I’ve had a couple losses with it, a few fuck ups my end, and also a couple of OMG what are the dice doing to me cases as well. More practice. And more.

Thanks for reading!!