Eta-2 Actis Class

SO we finally have in our hot little hands the Actis Class Jedi Interceptor. (Ya know, the one Obi-wan and Anakin are flying at the start of Episode 3 – The Revenge of the Sith??). And hot diggity, they are gorgeous.With and without the hyperspace ring.

Lets ignore the hyperspace ring for the moment, and focus on the Eta-2 itself.

Lets start with the actual ship: 3 hull, 3 agility, 2 attack dice normal arc, 3 in the bullseye. Actions wise, Focus, purple Lock, (white) Evade, Boost and Barrel Roll.

Pilots: Anakin (ps6, F3), Obi-wan (ps5, F3), Aayla Secura (ps5, F2), Shaak Ti (ps4, F2), Yoda (ps3, F3), Jedi General (ps4, F2 – generic!!). No real surprises except for the costing of the Jedi General, coming in at 41 points feels like its a steal.

Something to note here, aside from the Jedi General and Yoda, all the Eta-2 pilots have talent slots(!!!). Yoda has double Force power slots instead.

Looking at the ships and their slots (Talent*, Force Power, Cannon, Mod, and Astromech) gives them a range of customization. Now how you fit them out will depend on what type of game you are playing, hyperspace or extended. This makes a big difference as the available options are much more limited (and I feel not as conducive to a survivable Eta-2) which means you have to look at other ways to make them work.

In extended, I’d argue, stealth device should be slapped on to the ship without question, white evade, force availability makes them a prick to remove (unless you have horrid virtual dice luck like mine is more often than not lol), combine that with some additional tools like R7A7 and autoblasters, and you have a sweet sweet deal.

Now what about its system boost/barrel roll? Combine with sense to really open up options to do blocks or to feel out a way to get out of a incoming block your self!

Now about the pilots, Anakin and Obi-wans abilities are synergistic with each other, (plus they also work with other versions of each pilot too!) and the way they are worded means that they are actually easier to trigger than at first appears, plus you dont have to fully execute the maneuver either!! Anakins ability here is super strong, being able to remove a red token of your choice (strain, deplete, stress, and target locks!!). Obi’s ability allows him or anakin to get a focus.

What about the other 3 named pilots, Yoda allows you to spend one of his force to regenerate a force from a friendly ship that spent a force. Shaak Ti’s ability allows him to spend a force at the end phase to retain a focus/evade for each ship within range 0-2 for as many force points you have available on Shaak Ti (so at most 2 ships).

Aayla Secura’s ability is arguably the most interesting. an ability that doesn’t require a force to trigger, just that the attacker has to be in her front arc at range 0-1. When you are the defender can change one blank to an eyeball result. Most likely you will be using this on her more often than not. However it could be made into a workable build.

After some testing I’ve found that running Autoblasters, R7-A7, Marksmanship, and stealth device works really well. Having the ability to roll 4 dice base and up to 6 dice is amazing, especially with a white evade and force points.

Talking about the intuitive controls ability, combined with sense, makes, well, perfect sense. Being able to block your opponents using a boost or barrel roll can make things a lot more difficult for your opponent to know what you’re doing. Also, if they have sense, it can increase your options to prevent being self bumped.

Anyways, the Eta’s have been doing some good work across the board, while expensive, they’re a solid addition to the republic arsenal.