Wing of the Beez

So Bespin has been run and won (by a Scum Han list no less!! But I digress), however something interesting cropped up, Lachie ran triple 7Bs with Shaak Ti.

Its an interesting build I’ve been toying with since the points change many moons ago.

In fact, its genesis realistically is from the first ever cut I made it to – 3 7B’s, Anakin with lots of toys and 2 7B’s with I think R4 off the top of my head.

With the ETA-2 and the drop in points of the 7B on the lower PS pilots, we are starting to see how good the 7B is again.

So to Lachie’s exact list:

Shaak TI + Marksmanship + Autoblasters + R7-A7
3x Jedi Knight + Delta-7B

This list is deceptively simple, but yet, super effective. The generi knights are fantastic hit and runners and blockers, while Shaak Ti is great at being a hammer or a scalpel as the case may be.

Discussion with Lachie on the GSP discord basically revealed his base line thought process on the play style of the generi knights – its remarkably similar to what I would do with them, slowly roll them in and make sure they’re wide allowing you to catch anyone who wants to try and run away, and then pincer them to death.

When it comes up, watch his games in the semi final where Lachie beat Jango and Zam, and the final where he lost to Scum Han. Both games can teach you a lot about what to do and what not to do. I personally feel the final he both got a bit unlucky and was probably dead tired from the run he had in the tournament.

So why is this list so good? Firstly, its not an auto-win button by any stretch, if you have bad luck, it will burn your ships down incredibly quickly. However, if you’re able to play patiently and wait for the right moment to strike, it can be an amazing list to play.

The ability to double repo on the generi knights plus shaak ti’s system phase boost or barrel roll option mean you have ways to get out of sticky situations relatively easily, however, remember that if you become over reliant on your force, it will catch you out. Sometimes its better to just take the focus or do a non FTC boost or BR and keep the force for defence or offence. And generally, if you’re in close, its usually better to keep the force and a focus available when in close confines. Damage mitigation is a priority early on, as you try and push damage through to your opponent. Cast a wide net and catch the fish.